A camp dedicated to mothers who do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

27 July 2017

A camp dedicated to mothers who do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

In recent years, Brazilian jiu-jitsu camps have developed considerably. The number of camps has increased and also the concepts like preparation camps for championships, camps with internationally recognized athletes, beach camps where you can also surf, women only camps,...in brief, plenty of choice.

Recently, a new concept of camp is born, it’s the camp for moms: BJJ mums. For sure, in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, some mothers have practiced before and during their pregnancy and want to continue to practice after the childbirth, during the child development. After all, it’s not because a mother have a child that everything has to stop, on the contrary it is necessary to pursue her passion and to do anything she want including a new person by her side. That's why Ana Yagües, a black belt and mother of 2 children, has created the BJJ camp for moms and has started to collaborate on this project with Yasmin Segowbind, black belt and mother of a kid. 

Ana, who has participated in several camps with her children, has realized that it was not always straightforward. For instance, sometimes during trainings, her daughter who stayed on the side, needed her and thus did not let her train freely. For that reason, in the camp BJJ Mums, everything is organized to facilitate the coming of the kid(s) and be able to train carefree.

In the schedule, Ana has planned different training schedules where the moms will train on one side and the children of an other one, those where only the mothers will train and the children will play in a separate place and those where the mothers and kids will train together to share the tatami pleasures. 

On Saturday, it’s even planned for the moms, to spend an evening to pamper themself and have fun with a special "beauty night" while the children will participate in a movie night. To be a mom, it’s also to continue to take care of oneself.

The 1st camp will take place from 25th till 27th August 2017 in Hamburg in Germany. Ana and Yasmin are thinking to realize a camp every year so if you don’t have children yet, it will be for next time. And if you have already kids, take advantage of it because it is the unique camp which will allow you to train easily with your or yours kid(s).

More information on the website BJJ Mums or on the event page of the BJJ Mums Camp on Facebook.

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